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Isla Blanca, Cancún, Mexico   April 3-7th, 2021

What is Ecstasis 

What is eVOLUTION?

A journey into the center of your soul - a HERO'S JOURNEY

A deep-dive into a search for the TRUE YOU

An exploration not only of the beauty, but also the shadows hiding your TRUTH

An opportunity to HEAL old wounds, conditioning, patterns & addictions 

A chance to open new channels of CREATIVITY, PRODUCTIVITY and CONNECTIVITY

An intense experience, drawing on modalities from WESTERN COACHING methods to EASTERN PHILOSOPHY to SHAMANIC RITUALS and PLANT MEDICINE ceremonies

A respite from the stress of the past year with LIKE-MINDED people in a beautiful OCEAN PARADISE

It is the NEXT STEP in the eVOLUTION of YOU!


in order to break through the feeling of being “stuck” in life, discover your true life’s path, or find your purpose


often caused by trauma and conditioning in order to lay bare the internal mechanisms behind many of your patterns, addictions & negative emotions


openness and grounding, creating a deeper sense of love, belonging and trust towards yourself and others


in order to solve problems, heal relationships and act as a catalyst for personal transformation

What can eVOLUTION do for me?
The Location


Around the world, there is a revolution happening. People are re-discovering the power of ancient shamanic healing methods, medicines and rituals to help unlock healing and optimise mind, body and soul to reach our true potentials.


These traditions have been practiced for thousands of years by indigenous cultures in every part of the world to access different states of consciousness wherein they believe they are able to heal the body and/or mind from illness and disease. They believe, that if we can connect with nature, and understand how it operates and how we operate within it, we can begin to heal from disfunction, disease and misalignment.


As we move into a new era, modern science is meeting ancient wisdom. This combination is opening up the realms of possibility towards a focus not just on disease, but also on personal growth, inner healing and self-empowerment. 

Are you ready?



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"The shamanic experience with Ecstasis has been positively life changing. The team was highly professional and the program of activities extremely well thought of and orchestrated. I really appreciated the guidance offered throughout the retreat. The perfectly designed set and setting, bathed in trust and love, created a safe place for me to be able to truly let go during the ceremony. This allowed me to surrender to the experience and connect with my essence. Blissful. Go for it! (I will come again…)"

Patrick W. - France

Professional Photographer


What you can expect at

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1 Plant Medicine Ceremony (sacred mushrooms)  + Tea Ceremony


Shamanic Rappé Ceremony to cleanse the energy system and activate your 3rd eye


Embodiment practices such as "active" meditations


"Science of Psychedelics" workshop to provide you the tools you need during ceremony and create a sense of safety in order to let go


Trauma release exercises to help move old experiences out of the body


Breathwork to shake up and move stuck energy


Shadow work to explore the dark sides of yourself preventing your light from shining


"Cyclonic Inquiry" to dive deep into your true longing and what is standing in your way


Primal Deconditioning workshop to help us understand and embrace the inner child


Yoga practices by 20-year veteran teacher Adam


Catharsis meditations to release stored-up tension, anger and blocked emotions


An intimate tribe of conscious seekers, visionary leaders and  


Sharing circles to share your story and be heard


Ecstatic Dance to come into flow and celebrate the beauty of life


Playful hours on a beautiful, secluded beach 


Rest and relaxation around the infinity pool, the wooden deck or the rooftop terrace


Integration workshop to help make sense of everything


Post-retreat follow up care (1 x 30min coaching session)

Healthy, delicious gourmet meals by our in-house chef to nourish your body and soul

What you can expect

Meet Your Facilitators

Adam Rice

Adam Rice is the founder of Ecstasis Transformational Retreats, combining Western science, coaching and therapy methods, with Eastern philosophy and ancient shamanic Wisdom traditions, to inspire transformation, healing and creativity.

A former banker, marketing specialist and Junior Olympic athlete, Adam has taught Vinyasa Yoga, meditation and mindfulness around the world for the last 20 years. He is a facilitator for deep inner child work (Primal Therapy), a Reiki Master and Tantra and Dearmouring Healer.

His deep commitment to exploring his own mind, and how to improve himself in order to be in better service to the world, brought him to the shamanic path in 2010. As a former Lead Facilitator for Apotheosis and the Synthesis Institute, Adam has successfully guided hundreds of participants in plant medicine ceremonies, and thousands more through his other healing modalities.

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Steve Corbett

Steve Corbett is the founder of Notorious Hearts and Man-In Retreats and Workshops, organisations fostering human transformation through various psychological, embodiment and holistic modalities. He works in groups as well as individually, tailoring transformation programs that empower people to live totally, playfully and authentically.


Steve has an honours degree in Psychology, is a holistic counselor, a Mindfulness teacher and a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society, which binds him to their ethics code and values. When not empowering others, he is always learning and diving deep into his own personal development, which includes being with his 2 kids who are his Zen masters and teach him everything he needs to know about living authentically.

Adam & Steve met each other at an ashram in Pune, India during an intense workshop called "Path of Love."  10 years later, they are still laughing, crying, kicking & screaming, and challenging one another to be the radically honest healers they were destined to be.


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"Adam is an Embodiment of Sacred Masculinity. He's been a great mentor to me in a number of areas, helping me understand what it means to be a high-integrity, conscious man. His personal power is off the charts, and he's also great fun—always ready to laugh and not taking himself too seriously. I deeply recommend Adam's work."

Jordan Bates - USA

Founder - Ouroboros & Refine The Mind

Co-Creator - High Existence

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More testimonials
Calm Sea

Are you ready?

            really, are you?

The word ecstasis is a Greek word that means "beyond the mind". Through the various modalities you will experience, we hope to get you out of your head, and out of your own way.
But this journey is not for everyone. 
It requires courage. It requires a desire to move out of old patterns. It requires you to, perhaps, look at things you never wanted to look at.
It is a mirror and a magnifier. 
It requires you to be vulnerable, to trust, let go and be open.
At the same time, joy, playfulness, flow, beauty and ease shall be your reward.
If you feel this speaking to you, then apply for one of our limited spots on this retreat now, or contact us with any questions.
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